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This website is about everything the DIY car enthusiast needs to know about how vehicle components works and maintenance, auto transmissions & transaxles, brake systems, carburetors, engine, fuel systems, ignition systems, general car maintenance and others.

Personal transportation has become a way of life for Americans. People spend hours each week traveling to and from work or from other places. Hence car preventive maintenance is crucial. If you are not a knowledgeable car owner. Then you should probably learn how your car runs and how to keep it running. You should learn how to diagnose and troubleshoot car problems.

Preventive maintenance is important to keep your vehicle safe. It will helps your vehicle last longer and some of the possible problems can be avoided. It is tested and proven that well-maintained car is not only safer, but it is also more economical and produces less pollutions.


  2. Brake Systems (NEW)

  3. All Wheel Drive Systems (NEW)

  4. Servicing 4WD Vehicles (NEW)

  5. 4WD Passenger Cars (NEW)

  6. Conventional 4WD Operating Modes (NEW)

  7. Locking / Unlocking Hubs

  8. Four And All Wheel Drive

  9. Four Wheel Drive Systems

  10. Transfer Case

  11. Honda Transmissions

  12. General Motors' Transmissions

  13. Ford Motor Company Transmissions

  14. Chrysler Transmissions

  15. Hydraulic Components

  16. Pressure Regulator Valve

  17. Hydraulic Circuits

  18. General Motors' 3L30 Transmission

  19. Honda's Nonplanetary Based Transaxle

  20. Hydraulic System

  21. Ravigneaux Gear Train

  22. Ford ATX Transaxle

  23. Ford AOD Transmission

  24. Other Simpson-Based Transmissions

  25. General Motors' Simpson Gear Train Transmissions

  26. Ford Simpson Gear Train Transmissions

  27. Chrysler Torqueflite Transmissions

  28. Automatic Transmissions & Transaxles

  29. Torque Converter

  30. Lockup Torque Converter

  31. Planetary Gears

  32. Planetary Gear Controls

  33. Types of CV Joints

  34. CV Joint Service

  35. Operation of U-Joints

  36. Types of U-Joints

  1. Differentials

  2. Limited Slip Differentials

  3. Axle Shafts

  4. Limited Slip Differentials

  5. Axle Shafts

  6. Manual Transmissions & Transaxles

  7. Gears

  8. Transmission/Transaxle Design

  9. Synchronizers

  10. Gearshift Mechanisms

  11. Transmission Power Flow

  12. Clutch Maintenance

  13. Clutch Problem Diagnose

  14. Fuel Injection

  15. Gasoline Fuel Injection

  16. System Sensors

  17. Fuel Injector

  18. Idle Speed Control

  19. Continuous Injection Systems

  20. Carburetors

  21. All About Carburetors

  22. Additional Carburetor Control

  23. Types of Carburetors

  24. Fuel Systems

  25. Gasoline

  26. Gasoline additives

  27. Diesel Fuel

  28. Alternative Fuels

  29. Fuel Delivery System

  30. Ignition Timing

  31. Ignition Components

  32. Spark Timing Systems

  33. Advantages of Electronic Ignition

  34. Electronic Switching Systems

  35. Electronic Ignition System Operation

  36. Ignition Timing

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